Cricket v Cargilfield

On Wednesday 24th May Ardvreck’s Under Nine Quick Cricket Team travelled to Cargilfield. Cargilfield batted well and notched up 167 runs. Our bowling had improved significantly although our fielding was not quite as tight as it should have been. It was then our turn to bat.  In Quick Cricket a batsman is not out with a catch or by the ball hitting the wicket when the batman is out of his crease. When either of these two events happen the batsmen simply swap ends and we lose five points. Cargilfield’s bowling and fielding was excellent. Many of our younger players were a little risk averse and simply refrained from running when faced with fast bowling and good fielding. The final score was 23 runs to Ardvreck and 168 runs to Cargilfield. So Cargilfield won a decisive victory. This match has taught us that we now need to work on our batting and be more willing to attempt a run and not just guard the wicket. (Mr Richard Gibson)