Mixed Tennis v Belhaven

After a long gruelling day on Saturday completing the Ard Challenge some of our 6th formers travelled down to Belhaven to play a mixed doubles match.  We took five Mac boys (Charlie MM, Cosmo M, Duncan B, Hector T and Harry S) and four Erskine girls; Amelia T, Amelia A, Iona B and Apolline dT. We set off from school  at 10am and after some sleep (and some singing!) the boys and girls were all raring to go as we arrived at Belhaven. As we had an odd number Harry S was partnered with a girl from Belhaven.  Harry did this with very good grace and was a real gentleman on court.

The children started off in four separate groups and it was a round robin process. The top two couples of each group went into the main draw and the other couples entered a plate competition. We had a total of 12 couples competing. Our boys and girls were smiling and very happy to be out in the fresh air enjoying the tennis. They all played exceptionally well. After the group stages Amelia A and Charlie MM were in the main draw which was a real achievement. Unfortunately when it got to this stage it was a knockout competition and after a very close game with their opponents they sadly did not win. The rest of our couples were in the plate, and we ended up with Duncan and Iona playing Amelia T and Cosmo M in the plate final. This was a good and fun game which Amelia and Cosmo won 4 games to 3.

A big thank you to all the 6th formers who came with us on Sunday (having had a very busy Saturday) and a big thank you to Mr Knock for coming to help and support. (Miss Sophie Beamish)