WOSPS v Dandylions Rounders

Ardvreck was thrilled to have five girls playing for the West of Scotland Prep Schools Rounders Squad as they took on the might of the Dandylions.  

Amelia A and Amelia T were selected to play for the WOSPS A team and Abi C, Eva M and Iona B were selected to play for the WOSPS B team. The girls travelled to Kilgraston for a training session before heading to Cargilfield to compete.  After the training session the girls had lunch and during some team bonding they selected their captains.  Amelia A was voted captain of the As and Eva M was voted vice-captain of the Bs.  We then all hopped on the buses and headed for Cargilfield. We arrived in plenty of time for another practice and team photos before starting our matches. Both teams played simultaneously, each match being 30 good balls and two innings. We all knew the Dandylions were going to be strong and so we had to just go for it.

WOSPS A – The A’s won the toss and so chose to field first. The Dandylions were big hitters and sent the ball for miles. All our deeps were having to be switched in from the first ball to the last. Each individual played their heart out and supported each other through the whole game. After the Dandy’s had batted, and scored 10 rounders we knew that we had a lot of work to do. With positive minds and attitudes from the WOSPS girls we batted very well. However the Dandys were very slick and fielded very well. After 30 good balls the WOSPS scored 4 and half rounders. During the second innings we knew we had to do some tight fielding to stop as many half rounders let alone full rounders as we could. Our backstop and post one worked very well together managing to get a few of the girls. With both Amelias out fielding as deeps they were working very well together, with some fabulously accurate fielding and throwing from Amelia A. Going into our last batting innings and knowing that the Dandylions had scored a total of 19 rounders we had a lot of work to do. My suggestion to the girls’ was “Just go for it girls!!” as they had nothing to lose. They had to do their best and most of all enjoy it.  They certainly did that. Unfortunately the final score was 19-9 to the Dandylions. Well done to all the girls who participated and a big well done to Amelia A for being a fabulous captain to the team. We also say a big thank you to Miss MacLeod who was also a brilliant coach and help.  (Miss Sophie Beamish)

WOSPS B –  We met the Dandylions team, won the coin toss and chose to field first. The girls knew they had their work cut out as the Dandyswere very strong. The first few balls were a bit sloppy as we were still trying to figure out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Eva M playing backstop did a great job trying to get the other team out. Abi C threw well with the ball going for miles ending up at the forth post. By the end of the 30 good balls the score was 12 rounders scored by the Dandylions. It was our turn to bat, we went in positive but unfortunately within the first few balls 3 of the girls we either caught out or stumped out. Iona B did some great hitting and managed to score a rounder. The girls managed to scrape a few rounders but we didn’t manage to finish all 30 balls, the score at the end of the first innings was 4 and a half rounders. The second innings began, the girls found their rhythm they managed to get some of the Dandies girls out but that wasn’t enough as the score for the Dandylions was 13 and a half. It was the WOSPS final turn to bat. They tried their hardest but the Dandys tightened up their fielding meaning the WOSPS only scored 1 and a half rounders, The final score was 25 and a half to 6 rounders to the Dandylions.  The girls played well, it was a shame they lost but all of the team bonded well and cheered each other on. Well done girls. (Miss Lucy McLeod)