Rounders v St Mary’s Melrose and Loretto

There were lots of matches today for the girls with the U13s playing Loretto (home). the U11s playing St Mary’s Melrose (away), the U10s playing St Mary’s and Loretto (at St Mary’s) and the U9s playing St Mary’s (at Loretto).:

U13s – After a morning full of exams the girls were ready to be outside in the sunshine enjoying themselves and thats exactly what they did. Our captain, Iona M, took he toss which we won and so Iona decided to field first. The girls did a brilliant job at fielding.  They were very strong, on the ball and very much worked as a team. It was the best play I have seen from them on the field. Elsa and India both did some brilliant short fielding and throws into second post which meant that we were able to get some of the Loretto girls out at post 2. There were also some great throws from Amelia A which she threw for miles!! After the first 30 good balls Loretto managed to score just 3 rounders. It was now our turn to bat, and with the girls being aware that they had 3 to chase they were confident they could match this or further more beat it!! All the girls batted very well with some great strikes and positioning of the ball by all the girls. After our 30 good balls, the girls had done what they said they would do and matched the Loretto score of 3 rounders. Before the second innings, Miss MacLeod reminded the girls how brilliantly they had fielded in the first innings and to try and do the same this time round. Loretto came out with a bang but this didn’t phase the girls, they did what they did before and kept on the ball.  They remembered where the girls placed the ball and so were able to adjust their fielding positions slightly if they needed to. On the last good ball of their 30 balls Abi C took a brilliant catch. The Loretto girls scored 5 rounders in that innings and so with a total of 8 the girls told me that they were going out to win. Again my girls were determined and enthusiastic. Again with some great batting from the girls and India N managing to hit it left right down the line, (which is a cracking shot) she was scoring half rounders for us every time. It was a very close game wtih a very friendly finish and a final score of 8 all. The girls then hosted Loretto for match tea back up in the Library before waving them off home. Well done to all the girls and thank you once again Miss MacLeod. (Miss Sophie Beamish). [There are photographs of the U13s match (see below)].

U11s – After the 2 hour coach journey down to Melrose with the boys, the girls were glad to finally arrive at their match, having enjoyed watching Star Wars on the road down. We had a 15 minute warm up, practising batting and long distance throws. The bowlers and backstops talked tactics and the match began. We played 10 a side to allow all players to have as much of a game as possible; they all made valuable contributions to the team. The first innings was fast and furious, and unfortunately did not go as well as expected for us. The St Mary’s bowler, backstop and first post worked exceptionally efficiently and unfortunately all the girls, with the exception of Willa G and Flo A, were out by 19th ball. With only 2 players left, our batting was cut short. During our time fielding in the first innings, our captain Flo gave excellent advice to the players, emphasising the importance of second and fourth post, as opposed to third. Despite her suggestions, there were recurrent moments of panic from some of the players, resulting in some inaccurate throws. Communication between backstop, bowler and second post was loud and clear, but highlighted that some practice was needed in stopping balls which were ground rolled. Batting improved in the second innings; we managed to keep players in until the end of the inning and scored more highly. Having discussed tactics at half time, the girls effectively implemented measures to prevent the opposition’s backstop, bowler and first post working so well to get our girls out. After the match, the girls were still in good spirits, despite their loss. They had team tea and then went out to watch the Colts playing cricket in the sun, before returning to school. (Miss Fern Whitelaw)

U10s – (v St Mary’s) We won the toss and decided to field first. St Mary’s started their batting by scoring a rounder and proceeded to play strongly. Our fielding had improved since our last match and Elizabeth de C caught out 2 of their players. Alix B was quick as second deep. Mahaut d’A’s bowling is improving. After 30 good balls, St Mary’s had 9 rounders then we went on to bat and managed to score 6 1/2 with Daisy M and Niki K scoring full rounders and Elizabeth, Olivia and Isla scoring halves. Well done, girls. (v Loretto) After a close game against St Mary’s, we faced Loretto. They won the toss and chose to field first. We started well with Daisy and Brooke both scoring full rounders. Loretto were very strong fielders and managed to put several of our players out. We managed to score 3 rounders before we were all out at 18 good balls. Loretto went on to bat and despite some good fielding (we managed to put out 5 of their players) they scored 12 1/2. We will continue to work on our batting and fielding! Well done, girls! (Miss Kirsteen Henderson)

U9s – Today saw Mrs Kinge’s first ever outing with the mighty Under 9 girls’ rounders team. We had agreed to play St Mary’s Melrose at Loretto to avoid long journeys for both teams. On arrival, the girls undertook a short warm up as the journey had been delayed due to traffic. We lost the toss and St Mary’s put us in to bat. The girls’ batting was somewhat hesitant to say the least and the fielding from the St Mary’s team was tight. Therefore, at the end of our 30 balls we had scored a very special, golden half rounder!  After a short pep talk from Mrs Kinge, the girls went out to strut their fielding skills! Mrs Kinge’s golden tan became paler and paler after St Mary’s started scoring rounder after rounder and, by the end of the innings, the St Mary’s team was substantially in the lead! After another emphatic pep talk, Mrs Kinge felt that her skills would be put to better use coaching the girls instead of trying to count the number of rounders being scored. So the umpiring was handed over to me. The second innings was much more successful and the girls batted with feisty determination. Their fielding, too, was much tighter and more intelligent. Despite the score, the improvements made throughout the duration of the match were incredible. There is much to look forward to next season!  (Miss Bella Burling)

Photographs of the U13s match: