Barvick Saturday

Since the earliest beginnings of the School more than 125 years ago, pupils have been involved in expeditions, known as Barvicks, to explore the local countryside. The whole school (from the youngest to the oldest) is involved in these expeditions, which take place on four Saturdays throughout the Summer and Autumn terms. This Saturday, five Barvicks (and the Form 4 Camp – see separate news item here) took place and everyone made the very best of the day.

Each Barvick features below, along with photographs (where available) so please do scroll down.  Please note that there can also be more than one page of photographs of a Barvick – page numbers are stated if there are more than just a few photos.

Golf – Glenalmond very kindly allowed us to make use of their course so 8 golfers spent a chilly but enjoyable day on the fairways (mostly) and greens. Tea at the Yoltlens afterwards concluded a worthwhile day out. (Mr John Gore)


Dei’ls Cauldron – an energetic group of 15 pupils ranging from Forms 3 to 6 boarded the Comrie bus on Saturday and headed off to explore the famed De’ils Cauldron and walk the Glen Lednock circular route. They disembarked and after a quick photo opportunity, started up the valley, through the beautiful forest track. Up they climbed, past the Melville Monument, following the river Lednock to the Shaky Bridge for their lunch break to restore their energies. Next came the stone skimming competition and although Miss McLeod gave the team a real run for their money, Harris P emerged resplendent as the champion with a total of 15 skips! Over the shaky bridge they went, and through the valley before turning left to meet the wooden walkway which took them down to the famous De’ils Cauldron which was in full spate and a most impressive sight. After another group photo, off they sped to the Wee Cauldron. Now on the homeward strait, they headed through the forest and into the village of Comrie where they enjoyed delicious pastries from Campbell’s Bakery before hopping back on the bus to Crieff. A great day was had by all and thank you to Miss McLeod and Mr Van Blerk for their assistance. (Miss Kirsteen Henderson)


Lady Mary’s Walk –  On Saturday 29th April twenty-two Form 1 and 2 and a member of Little Ardvreck set out for the a day in the local countryside. First we got all our yummy snacks and then we went off for the day. Then we stopped at Lady Mary’s beach. We sat and had our snack on the sand. When we had finished our snack we went for a little paddle in the river. Then we had a sandcastle making competition. Then we toasted marshmallows on the Barbeque. Then we walkedt the rest of our river walk.  I found a really good stick. Next we went through McCrosty park. Some of us went in the water spray area. Suddenly there was a fountain that went up. Then we were soaking and we had to walk back to Ardvreck, happily but soaking wet! .by Sinead M Form 1

Glenturret – a group of children from forms three to five walked past burns and waterfalls on our way up into the Glen Turret Estate. The Rhodedendrons were beginning to bloom and we could hear the Glen Turret Falls beneath us. We made our way down over a small stone bridge which could only be crossed one person at a time into a cavern which looked out over a small lake to the Glen Turret Falls. It was almost as if time had forgotten this area. There is still a metal bench put up by the Edwardians. We walked home stopping to let the children play by the streams next to the estate. It was a memorable walk. A good time was had by all.  (Mr Richard Gibson)

Biking –  The Biking Barvick, nicknamed the Two Wheeled Terror, was, unlike the nickname suggested, a nice leisurely Saturday bike ride in the Perthshire countryside. Despite a few mechanical hiccoughs along the way we all thoroughly enjoyed our cycle. Heading out towards McCrosty park and then along Lady Mary’s we stopped for a restful and peaceful lunch on the beach, although the arrival of Miss Stewart’s and Miss Whitelaw’s Barvick ended the peaceful part but certainly added a good fun element! We continued from there up to the monument negotiating fallen trees and being wowed by various members of the Barvick and their abilities to jump, speed, swerve and stop or simply fall off when hardly moving. Our return saw us back to the park where challenges were set up and down slopes and steps before the long arduous ascent to our school that we love on the hill. (Mr David Knock)