Rounders v Loretto

With the seniors away this week in France and on the West Coast of Scotland, it was two junior teams who took on Loretto in Musselburgh this week:

U11s – Despite the rainy week, the sky cleared ready for the Under 11s to take on Loretto! With Mrs Kinge away on camp, we were determined to get her a win! Daisy H was elected captain and Loretto sent us in to bat. The girls were a little reserved and, by the end of our 30 good balls, our opposition had kept us to two and half rounders. There were a few early misfields before the team tightened up and showed off some impressive fielding skills. Isla and Fenella combined to take a great stumping on second post. Connie T, Maudie G and Daisy H took three beautiful catches respectively with Iona M keeping Loretto’s scoring down as backstop. At the end of the innings, Loretto were in front with three and a half rounders. We kept the subs flowing to ensure everyone had a good run on our final match. The girls knew that they would have to take the risk to try and earn some half rounders and consequently they came back fighting in the second innings retrieving seven rounders! Willa G was excited to score her first half a rounder and Flo A top scored with two full rounders! At the changeover, Ardvreck was reminded to keep level-headed and stay focused. Connie T continued bowling beautifully and Ottie B was on fire, taking multiple stumpings at first post. Imogen L, Suzanna P and Willa G fielded well in the deep to battle Loretto’s big hitters. Flo A in backstop and Maudie G at second post were a dynamic duo making it hard for Loretto to score. The girls had an excellent comeback and I was very impressed with how well they worked as a team. Their clean and precise fielding earned them a 9.5 to 6.5 win. We were on our way home after a scrumptious cake for match tea. Thank you to Mr Van Blerk for driving us and well done to our mighty fourth form! (Miss Bella Burling)

U9s – On a rather warm and humid day the U9 girls piled into the people carrier and headed off to Loretto. After meeting roadworks on the way we made it only just in time for a short warm up with the girls practicing our ‘honeypot’ strategy. We lost the toss with Loretto who opted to field first so we lined up ready to bat. The girls batted well with a good strong swing, however the Loretto fielding was tight with intelligent game play and we ended our 20 balls with 1 rounder. After a short pep talk with the girls Loretto was up to bat. Our fielding was good and we put four players out with some excellent plays from Kiki P, Hester SF and Isabella C! The girls went in to bat again with increased confidence and on our second 20 balls we scored 3, this put us on 4 to the Loretto’s 4! The girls headed out to defend their lead and started well with a great catch from Sinead M! Amelia P at backstop called a ‘honeypot’ for a backwards hit and by the end of the second innings the girls had managed to put five of the opposition out! Despite the great fielding, Loretto scored four and a half rounders making them the winners with 8 rounders to 4 . The girls played with confidence and worked well together, communicating effectively. Even though we lost, the girls should be pleased with how well they played. We shall keep working on our batting and take some time to look at risk taking and when to run on for that half rounder! Keep up the good work girls! (Miss Rebecca Jones)