The Cycle of Life

The temperature is dropping, the first leaves are yellowing and autumn is approaching – the cycle of life continues. The world prepares for winter and we prepare the scholars for their forthcoming exams.
Last night revision techniques were studied: mind maps examined; horizontal or vertical lists; simplification of information; reducing notes that have been understood and exploding topics that require further study. Professor Gunning’s Erudite Course of Fact Retrieval is ‘dusted off’ and once again sees the light of day.
Individual lessons are offered by the teachers and gladly accepted by the children. Past papers are requested and even eagerly completed by the pupils. Determined, motivated young people wanting to learn.
The dedication of Ardvreck teachers is clearly visible; support lessons, clubs and activities do not finish until 7.30pm for the Juniors or 8.00pm for the Seniors.
It is therefore with great sadness and concern that we read in the press (Scotsman, Daily Express, Press and Journal – 8th September) that 40% of Scottish teachers (online survey of 5000 teachers by Bath Spa University) are considering leaving the profession in the next 18 months. Conditions in the public sector have been described ‘extremely poor’. Teachers at Ardvreck not only teach to a very high standard (look at the Eton and Radley Scholarship papers published on-line and see which exams you could still complete), but they also offer sports, clubs, activities and weekend care.
There are currently 700 unfilled teaching posts in Scotland (Scotsman – 14th September), which can be devastating for the pupils.
We are very lucky to have a dedicated, active team of school masters and mistresses, who hold education (in all its guises) core to themselves and their school. Our children, your children, are the beneficiaries of their care and expertise.