Barvick News

Since the earliest beginnings of the School more than 125 years ago, pupils have been involved in expeditions, known as Barvicks, to explore the local countryside. The whole school (from the youngest to the oldest) is involved in these expeditions, which take place on four Saturdays throughout the Autumn and Summer terms. This Saturday, five Barvicks took place and everyone made the very best of the day.

Each Barvick features below, along with photographs (where available) so please do scroll down.  Please note that there can also be more than one page of photographs of a Barvick – page numbers are stated if there are more than just a few photos.



On Saturday, 9 of the senior children came with Mr Robertson and Miss Whitelaw for some coasteering at Elie on the Fife coast. After a short walk in wetsuits, we were all more than ready to jump into the calm sea, swimming past rock pools and checking out the interesting geology of the area. Jumps slowly increased in height and everyone enjoyed at least one mass group ‘jacuzzi’ in a rock pool. I was very impressed to see everyone complete the final high jump into the sea, including a cold Richard T who was also enjoying his birthday. A big thanks goes to Mr Fox-Pitt for lending us bouyancy aids and some wetsuits for the day and also to Mr Kipps for helping out on the day. (Mr Robertson)


Laggan Hill
On a rather overcast day we set off from school for an early Autumnal ramble up to Laggan Hill through Lady Mary’s Walk. We made our way carefully through the woodland and river path by the Earn to a stunning sandy river beach. We decided it would be an enjoyable place to have our delicious picnic. Continuing our river walk were we able to catch a glimpse of the first signs of Autumn with some beautiful horse chestnut leaves on the river bank. We discovered the impressive array of native birch, oak and ash in an impromptu nature study. After a fast paced walk through the paths, woods and a relatively steep ascent, we made our way up to Laggan Hill. Our Geography skills were enhanced by spiral walk up the side of the hill where we spotted the School amongst the trees from different angles. After a few refreshment stops along the way we discovered a horse chestnut tree and gathered loads of conkers. In the afternoon sunshine we meandered back to Ardvreck enjoying the beautiful countryside along the way. A fun-filled, Autumnal adventure was enjoyed by everyone! (Miss Stewart)



Quarry Quest

After our chapel service with Mr Hunter, headmaster of Merchiston Castle School, we drove to Glenalmond in the minibus and set out from Mrs Kinge’s house. The conditions were perfect for a good old yomp in the hills and we strode purposefully up the path towards the distant quarry. Halfway up the hill our Australian GAP assistant, Mr Summers, decided that the group required some motivation and switched on his beat box from which the Proclaimers belted out “I Would Walk 500 Miles”. Mrs K’s reaction was disapproving to say the least and Mr S, after receiving a lecture on the merits of enjoying the music of the countryside, hastily buried the offending machine into the depths of his rucksack! On the ascent there was a tricky moment when Bobster, the selectively deaf, old Collie, took far too much of an interest in a pen of panicking young partridges! Fortunately, after some enraged shouting from the group, he returned with his tail firmly between his legs. The sixth form girls – Abi C, India N and Maria HS, fresh from their triumph of summiting six Munros in a day, positively stormed to the top on account of their new found fitness while Charlie L and Curtis M appeared to enjoy, perhaps a little too much, being the only two boys in the group! We tarried a while at the summit to drink in the beautiful views. With the promise of ice-creams back at Mrs K’s, we hurtled down the hill and finished the 7.5 mile route in record Barvick time! The fly fishing group, who had not had much luck on the Almond, joined us for whopping, well-earned ice-creams before we all jumped back in the van for the journey back to school. (Mrs Kinge)


Golf Barvick


Eight boys and Mr Knock went to Glenalmond to hack a few balls around the course. There was difficulty with boggy and flooded terrain but everyone had fun and showed some skill with everyone succeeding to hit the occasional good shot. Will F was particularly impressive in one group and despite some dodgy interpretations of the rules Finn S enjoyed the best of it in the other group. All boys were delighted when I lost a few balls as they were determined to beat me! A good fun day out and looking forward to many more attempts at improving our scores up on the Glenalmond Golf course. (Mr Knock)



A Fun Run?


Seven courageous children braved the Barvick challenge set by Mr van Blerk of a fun run! After packing our lunches, we set off on our way with the final destination in sight of Loch Monzievaird. We began with a trail run through to Glenturret before a quick kit check and continuing towards the Loch with a few detours. Our runners set up a picnic spot on the bank and devoured their delicious lunches. After a well-deserved rest, we jogged back to school and had a lovely recovery swim. (Miss Burling)