Junior Boarding Weekend Fun

While the seniors are away – the juniors will play! Junior House opened its doors this weekend for a fun filled boarding weekend for thirty lucky juniors whilst the seniors invaded the North of England on their annual sports tour.

After a sumptuous supper followed by tuck on Friday evening, the children were given the choice of partaking in their very own Strictly Come Dancing event in the Crabbie with Miss Stewart and Mrs Robinson or playing several rounds of Dodge Ball at dusk on the All Weather with Mrs Erdal and Mrs Kinge. Showers and some downtime in the dorms followed before lights out.

Saturday morning brought lessons as usual and, after lunch, everyone assembled on the Astro for hockey circuits with Mrs Kinge. These tested various hockey skills which were undertaken as a competition in mixed teams of five consisting of girls and boys from forms one, two, three and four! The camaraderie in each team was a delight to behold – the true Ardvreck spirit shining out from every individual! After milk and buns we all headed to the dams and dens to make mud pies, climb tress and to enjoy a spot of dualling with sticks! Before long Mrs Kidd called us in for supper after which we put on our jim jams and snuggled down for the treat that is the weekly movie night.

On Sunday we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and settled down to the Sunday morning ritual of writing letters home and polishing school shoes in readiness for the week ahead. We managed to squeeze in some puppet shows with Mrs Erdal before meeting in the library to write a group Risk Assessment with Mrs Kinge for our imminent adventure. Then we raided the kitchens for food and tuck, hitched the pizza oven to the back of the minibus and trundled, in convoy, out of Crieff and up the glen to Glenalmond’s outdoor classroom. Whilst Dr Kinge and Mr Erdal fired up the pizza oven and rolled out dough, we all played hares and hounds in the wood and built dens with Miss Burling. Soon the pizzas were coming out of the oven fast and we feasted for quite some time – Sholto C guzzling no fewer than eleven slices! Full of carbs, we dashed onto the Cairnies field to play football, to blow bubbles and to enjoy a welly wanging competition! Daisy M won the girls’ competition whilst Fred J emerged victorious among the boys. We returned to the woods where we toasted marshmallows on an open fire until the light began to fade and we boarded the minibuses for the journey back to Ardvreck. We filled our tummies with an enormous Sunday roast supper in the dining hall before retiring to the dorms to lay out our clothes for the morning. We showered and read quietly until lights out for an early night in preparation for the busy week ahead. (Mrs Kinge)