Opening Match for U13 Girls at Loretto

The U13 girls’ played their first hockey match of the season against Loretto at home on 29th September. Having trained hard over the last few weeks the girls were ready to get out there and play to the best of their abilities. The girls, after having a serious discussion in house as to how they were going to win, made their way down to the astro to get themselves warmed up and ready to go. India who has been selected as captain this term led the girls in their warm up. The girls were then given their positions, and had one last practice of defending and attacking the short corners. The whistle blew for the captains and unfortunately we lost the toss and so they selected to have first centre pass. The girls started off fighting very hard and putting everything we had learnt into practice. They were managing to pull the ball wide and there was some great communication between them. In the first quarter unfortunately we were 3 goals down, but after a few words together they got back on the pitch and kept the battle going. Abi C was doing some absolutely brilliant tackling and really getting stuck in; if one of the Loretto girl’s got past her it wasn’t for long! Ottie B and Flo worked very well with each other up front trying desperately to get a ball past their goalkeeper who was very good. With lots of frustrating moments the girls were struggling to do so. Half time score was 5-0 to Loretto. The girl’s were not put down about this at all and after having a piece of Orange their energy had reboosted and they just got back out there and gave it their all. Connie T our new found goalkeeper was not in her preferred goal and made some spectacular saves. There were a lot of very exciting moments on the pitch and Miss Macleod and I could barely contain ourselves, cheering on the girls. The final score was 8-0. Although the score may say otherwise, the game was very close and all the girls played an excellent first game of Hockey. I look forward to the rest of the season and seeing improvements in all the girl’s. Player of the match this week must go to Abi C for her non stop hard work for the full 40 minutes. Well done girls! (Miss Beamish)