U13 Hockey at Morrison’s Academy

This was my first time seeing the U13’s in action and I was delighted to witness the first goal of the season. In the first half Morrisons were the most dominant on the pitch, but our girls fought back and after a team discussion at half time we came back and the score was a draw at the half time, with Ardvreck having the majority of possession of the ball, showing a real improvement from the team.
India N did a great job as team captain and lead by example, along with Flo A, player of the match, and Daisy H showing great ball skills and level headiness. They managed to get the ball away from pressure and enabled them to keep possession until they where able to pass successfully. Something that many, more advanced players struggle with. Our back line of Sasha F and Imogen L showed great progression during the match by swapping from more zone defending to mixing this up with more player defending. This meant they had to move around the pitch much more, but they did a great job of keeping up with some fast players.  Abi C and Ottlie B really played with their hearts and showed great determination and were the most active players on the pitch. Finally credit must go to the new Goal Keeper who did a great job and did some impressive saves despite having the sun in her eyes for most of the 1st half.  There is still work to be done on successful turnovers of the balls making sure that once they had done the hard work of tackling the ball off the other team we do not throw it away. Also some spacing of players especially at the attacking D, this will help them to score the goal that the team deserve.  A disappointing loss at the end. (Mrs Erdal)