Girls Hockey vs Fettes – 8 November


Under 9 A’s

Final score: 7-0

After an enjoyable coach journey throughout which the girls were entertained by Shrek 2, we arrived at Fettes and headed to the Sports Centre. There was time for a quick warm up and then it was time for tracksuit tops and bottoms off and taking our positions. The game had not long started when Kiki P smacked the ball into the back of the goal. With no Ds, the area from which to shoot was expansive and the girls took full advantage of this. After a 10 minute third Kiki P had scored twice more, with one particularly sneaky goal tapped in after a quick dodge around their defence. Amelia P worked consistently well throughout this third to speed up the wings with the ball and feed it in to Kiki. At the first break the girls were clearly very pleased with the 3-0 score but we still used the time to discuss individuals’ tactics and where there was still room for improvement. After what was already a well-played first third, Sinead M heeded the advice given to her and worked hard to look up not panic with the ball. She made some excellent attempts at dribbling the ball, working well with Addison O and Molly G. In the second third the girls scored 4 goals, three of which were this time scored by Amelia P. Not having had much of a match since she was defender, Jemima B swapped to come and play a mid, a swap which I think she was certainly grateful of! At the end of the second third, at which point the score was 7-0 to us, it was decided that the game should be stopped and the girls should play the last third as a friendly. We swapped positions around but the girls were far from keen to succumb to non-competitive play and continued to put their all into the last ten minutes. As always, the girls were full of enthusiasm and worked superbly as a team. A well-deserved win girls!

Many thanks to Kirsteen H who has put a lot of effort in over recent coaching sessions to get the girls to this standard! (Miss Whitelaw)


Under 9 B’s

Score 1-0

We lost the toss but were given first shot of the ball. With Poppy as captain, she took the first pass and we got off to a strong start. With Callie as the other forward, they sent the ball up to the goal. Fettes were ready for us and their defenders worked hard at keeping the ball away from the goal. Arabella and Isabella were a feisty team who shone at sweeping the ball away from the Ardvreck goal and with Hester as our other defender and Rosa as our trusty goalie, we held our own. Fettes unfortunately managed to sneak one goal in but we had possession of the ball for most of the match and made sure that no more goals got past us. Although they sometimes got the the ball caught up in their feet, Callie and Poppy attacked with determination and tackled at every opportunity. Callie and Isabella swapped over for the last part of the match and both played well in their new roles. The final score was 1-0 to Fettes and our girls showed that they have plenty of Ardvreck spirit. We will continue to work on our attacking and tackling skills as well as ensuring that we use the full space available instead of crowding round the ball. Well done, girls! (Miss Henderson)


Under 11’s   

Lost 0-7                             

Sadly the score does not indicate the improvement that the team have made, especially during the second half of the match.

Our defenders improved during the game and began working more in partnership with one defending the ‘Golden line’ and the other dropping back to mark players. Still work to be done in this area but glad to see the progress.

Meanwhile the Mids players of Daisy M and Willa G really worked hard and covered the pitch; there was some very impressive use of the sides of the pitches for movement up into the attaching D and showing  great team work. Sadly we just did not have the man power in the goal area to drive the ball into the net. Thanks also to Kristina D although playing up front often dropped down to help with the defence.

In the last part of the match we had a chance to give 2 of the members of the very successful U9A team, Jemima B and Kiki P, a go at playing with the U11.They proved to be very useful on the pitch and I am sure with some more practice time with the team, could prove to be very useful in the future when they are not playing for their own team.

Finally huge thanks goes to our goalie Connie T who had a storming match and did some spectacular saves showing great courage and skill under rapid fire!  Captain – Willa G. Man of the Match – Connie T and Tally M.  (Mrs Erdal)

Under 13s

Wednesday 8th November the U13 girls played match against Fettes at home. The girls jogged down to the pitch shortly after 2pm to get warmed up. Isla F then got padded up and the girls did a few drills before the Fettes team arrived. Unfortunately we lost the toss and Fettes decided to have first push back. From the minute the whistle blew the girls were driven and eager to win, pushing the ball wide and helping each other out we managed to get the ball into our attacking end, and with a great strike from Ottie  we were 1-0 up! The girls managed to hold onto this 1-0 lead until the half time whistle went. With a few tactical tips from Miss Macleod and myself they went back in even more feisty. With a spectacular save from Isla who was diving around in her goal using her kickers hands and body to save the ball she kept that ball out and India cleared it out of the ‘D’. 3 minutes until the end of the match Fettes managed to slip one past us. The final score was 1 all. I was so pleased with the girls and have never seen them play so well. Player of the match was Isla. Well done to all the girls. (Miss Beamish)