U9 Hockey -5-4 win vs Cargilfield

We met Cargilfield before half term and began by picking up tips watching the Under 11 match.  After a thorough warm-up on the all-weather and using some new drills they had been practising, the girls had the all important team talk to discuss tactics and the responsibilities of each position.

Cargilfield won the toss and took first centre pass, only to be quickly tackled by Addison A who whizzed up the outside of the pitch towards the goal, demonstrating exactly what we had been practising and what she had been asked to do as right mid. Unfortunately she did not quite get the ball up to the goal this time. However, it was not long before a goal was scored by Kiki P. However Cargilfield were determined and did not make it easy for us to get the ball through their defence. Keen not to be beaten they scored not long after we had. the match consisted of 2 halves, and as half-time grew closer it was clear that the girls were starting to tire. It was 2-2 when the welcome whistle blew for half-time. However, after a juicy orange and the promise of Haribo if they won, the girls were re-energised and keen to go. Any element of fear dissipated as Jemima B deflected multiple attempts at goal from the Cargilfield attackers. The girls were back with a vengeance. Amelia P, Molly G, Addison A and Sinead M worked relentlessly to feed the ball up to our centre forward Kiki P who scored a further 3 goals. Cargilfield also managed to score another 2 goals, sneaking them past the fearless Jemima B. The ball was in and out of both goals right up until the end of the match which concluded in a 5-4 win to Ardvreck. The girls could not have put in any more effort and were duly rewarded with their Haribo the next day. Excellent match and a well-deserved win, girls. (Miss Whitelaw)