Netball- Belhaven 13/01/18

U13 A
On the back foot from the outset with a sprained wrist (Ottie B) and an injured back (Abi C), we were down to five players! With kind substitutes from Belhaven, our girls did their best to gel as a team without two of their stalwart members. There is much to take away from this warm up match and we look forward to the return to fitness of all our players. (Mrs Kinge)

U13 B
15-4 loss. Considering that this was their first match of the term, the team gelled well together. Sisters Isla and Sacha FP worked well in and around the attacking circle when the ball was in their third. Flo A had her debut role as centre and was an encouraging captain. Despite the slightly daunting height of her marker, Willa G did not let this get her down and adapted to her position for the day very well. As WA Tally M certainly did her fair share of running and made a valiant effort to dodge for he balls made a valiant effort to dodge Belhaven’s WD. In her first ever netball match, Maria HS responded well to all advice offered by myself and captain Flo, elongating her marking stance and focusing on keeping her landing foot the correct distance from the GS. Due to one of our players being ill, we were kindly offered a player from Belhaven to make up our 7 players. Certainly some areas for improvement but the girls certainly showed some great spirit today. (Miss Whitelaw)

On Saturday the 13th January, the U9s netball team travelled to Belhaven for their first match of the year. Inspired by some High School songs on the way, they “got their head in the game” and prepared to be ” breaking free” because they are “all in this together”! On arrival, they headed to the indoor court to meet the Belhaven team. After some warm ups, they lost the toss but decided the direction of play. Belhaven started strongly with a quick goal, then another but soon our girls fought back with a goal from captain, Jemima. The whistle blew and it was back to the sidelines for a quick team talk and a change of players to give everyone a chance to play. The next quarter began and Belhaven sneaked in another goal but our strong defence held out until the whistle. Refreshed by some juicy oranges and armed with helpful hints, we had a quick swap of players and the team went back to the march ready to do their very best. The oranges worked their magic and Jemima scored another two goals. Belhaven managed another before the whistle. With a quick team talk to encourage them and some last advice for the final part of the match, our girls went on with the fighting Ardvreck spirit. Belhaven were in good form and managed a couple of goals but Addison scored which took the final score to 6-4 to Belhaven. Our team really fought hard and were well matched which made it a close game.
We will work on our marking, passing and shooting skills for our next match. Well done, girls! (Mr Henderson)