Boys Hockey- Colts vs Cargilfield 21/02/18

Colts A
A Cargilfield select vs Ardvreck was an entertaining contest with it even at half time 2-2. Archie C leading the way into the action, winning ball for us and threading through some great passes to his teammates. Mr vB not satisfied at half time asked for more intensity, to create options when we had the ball and to close down options when we didn’t previously. The whole team responded, the tempo doubled and they were linking up well. Optimus Ewan F-L was back to his best, Laurie B winning ball for us, Harrison M putting them away. It was a great 2nd half, we finished the victors 4-3. A great game, two good teams giving it there all. Thank you Cargilfield. (Mr Van Blerk)

Colts B
The Colts B team travelled all the way Peffermill to play against a Cargilfield select. The boys were very nervous to play them as they were the winners of the U11 IAPs tournament.
In the first half the boys were really struggling to get ahead of Cargilfield because every time they got a goal Cargilfield would also get a goal, which frustrated the boys. By the end of the first half it was 2-2 but by the time second half started the boys were determined to beat them. They played very well as team and were passing to one another very nicely. The defence line was very strong as they were able to tackle get the ball from Cargilfield and send it down the line to the forwards who then scored another 3 goals which lead us to victory.
By the end of the game the boys were very impressed with themselves as the final score was 5-2. This game showed that the boys have been improving throughout this term. (Miss van Blerk)