Boys Hockey- IAPS Fettes U13 & Colts 07/02/18


On Wednesday, the Ardvreck Senior Boys hockey team were invited to compete in the annual IAPS hockey tournament at Fettes. The icy wind was unforgiving and in spite of boys really giving it their all, we emerged from fixtures against Belhaven, Cargilfield, Sedbergh, Fettes, Craigclowan and Loretto as runners up in each match. Goals came from Seb S, Finn S and Will F and a fierce determination and dogged refusal to concede was evident throughout. Thanks to Fettes for hosting us and to the parents who came to cheer the boys on. (Mr Robertson)



The Colts participated in the IAPS Regional Hockey Qualifiers hosted at Fettes on Wednesday 7th February. We played six gruelling matches in icy conditions and mostly held our own against the other teams. We were probably not as match sharp as the others teams and this showed with the speed and accuracy of our passing. This is something we will work on in our training sessions. We did not return to Ardvreck with any wins but learnt a lot from the experience. The parents who were able to come and support our team were witness to the fact that we fought and contested for every ball, every minute of every game. That shows the attitude of a winner and I am sure our results will begin to demonstrate this soon. Well done to every player and a special mention for Ewan F-L for being our most influential player on the pitch, Rory M for a star performance in goals and Xan A our most improved player as the tournament progressed. We all looking forward to get back to training to prepare for our next match (Mr van Blerk)