Boys Hockey- U13 vs Cargilfield 21/02/18

1st XIII
Captain Will F
Man of the match Elliot M
Lost 2-0
The match started well and the boys did a fantastic job of moving the ball around, using the full width of the pitch and creating space. They did some amazing linked passes from one end, all the way up to the goal, but we sadly just could not get it past their goalkeeper.
The team played with a strong and assertive defence line, which worked well to keep the ball in our end of the pitch, but sadly one ball broke free and got through and gave the other side a lucky goal.
We did much better with speedy and mostly successful hit outs at the 16, which was a great improvement, but occasionally we still resorted to the old hit it up the middle.
As the game went on the players got tired and their tactical skill started to weaken. We started to crowd the ball and get stuck behind defenders.
Man of the match is Elliot M the Goal Keeper who had a very impressive match with some great saves. All in all the team played some really good hockey and they have definitely improved as a team.

2nd VIII
Man of the match Jacob MP
WON 3-2
We played this match straight after the 1st XII match and due to us having quite a few players missing, we borrowed some of the first team players, which was great to have them on the team, even if a lot of them where quite tired after their first match.
It took a wee while to settle into a smaller pitch and fewer players, but the team went straight on the attack and we had some great chances up at our goal. Like us, they had a very impressive goalkeeper who made it hard for us to get around, but we had some great goals, especially a hit knocked in from Jack H. We also had some great defending from Harris P, Charlie L, Richard T and our man of the match Jacob MP. We still have some work to do on crowding the ball and not creating and using the space and we also need to work on more original goal strikes, but great effort from all the players and we look forward to seeing how they do in their next match.

3rd VIII
Man of the match Lewis K
WON 4-0
Just like in the 2nds match, the team was a mix of players, hastily thrown together to give the Cargilfield visitors another match. The team linked well and were a constant threat to the Cargilfield goal with several shots going just wide after sustained pressure. Captain Thomas Pounder and Ben Gaffney played well off each other and there was some heroic defence from Seb S, Donald G and Curtis M. Eventually, the goals came after some good passing and runs from Harry Y and Lewis K in midfield. Poor Raphe P did his best to stay warm and wasn’t troubled much in goals. Well done boys! (Mr Robertson and Mrs Erdal)