Netball- U13 Strathallan 31/01/18

U13 A:

After a last minute change of plan to hold the match at Strathallan due to the snowy conditions at Ardvreck, the girls set off in the minibus in high spirits.  On arrival at Strathallan the girls completed a dynamic warm up before the shooters hit the circle to get their eye in and practise shooting technique, which they had been working on in coaching sessions this week.  After losing the toss, allowing Strathallan to take first centre pass, the girls were keen to make up for it and made some excellent interceptions within the first minute of the match.  This enthusiasm and hunger for the ball continued throughout the match, with Daisy H bouncing all over the court and getting her hand to an astonishing number of balls.  India N also made some speedy interceptions, appearing out of nowhere to block Strathallan’s progression up the court.  With some excellent communication and accurate passing between Wing Attack (Abi C) and Centre (Ottie B) the ball reached the circle on multiple times, resulting in 3 goals being scored by Fenella B and 1 by Connie T.  The final score does not reflect the quality of the play from our girls, who were at a disadvantage form the start due to the height of the rather tall opposition!  However, we did make the most of our Goal Keeper’s (Imogen L) height who fought relentlessly to snatch rebounds and denied Strathallan countless goals.  A feisty match from all the Ardvreck girls who still have high hopes for their upcoming matches.  There are of course areas to be improved upon and these shall certainly be focused on during our next coaching sessions.  Thank you to all parents and grandparents who came to support the girls; it is always much appreciated. (Miss Whitelaw)


U13 B:

The girls jumped on the bus and headed for Strathallan, due to the white stuff that had fallen at Ardvreck over night! When we arrived the girls entered the freezing cold hall and got warmed up. With the shooters practising their shooting and the other girls getting the ball moving they were ready to go. Kristina captained the team this week we won the toss and chose first centre pass. The girls started off well, and were marking their players tightly, Maria as Goal keeper did a splendid job of keeping their GS busy as she was very tall and scored the majority of the Strathallan goals. Flo, Kristina and Willa worked very well together, always moving into spaces and passing the ball ahead of one another which allowed the play to flow. Unfortunately the girls were not able to score quite as many goals as Strathallan but they did play very well. The final score was 15-4 to Strathallan. As always there are areas to work on but I was very pleased with each individual on the court and they should be proud of themselves. Well done Girls (Miss Beamish)