Netball- U13 vs Cargilfield 21/02/18

With the sun shining brightly and the girls in high spirits, we headed down to the astro. The shooters had a quick practice to get their eye in while the rest of the girls warmed up and went through some of our routine drills. Cargilfield brought only one team and this team played both our A and our B team. The As played the first match, and although they lost the toss, were able to choose their preferred shooting direction. While the ball moved quickly up and down the court, both teams struggled to get the ball into the circle. However, at one point, Cargilfield did have several successive shots; these were expertly marked by Imogen L and Daisy H. As the match progressed, Imogen L responded well to feedback and adapted her defensive marking in accordance with Cargilfield’s tactics and positions within the circle. As ever, Daisy H got her hand to as many balls as possible leaping through the air to intercept, or if this was not possible, smack the ball to prevent Cargilfield’s possession. Having worked in coaching sessions this week on running into a space to receive a ball and refrain from standing statically and shouting to receive a pass, Ottie B implemented this very well, particularly around the D. In the absence of India, Willa valiantly stepped up to the position of Wing Defence for the A team; she merged well with the rest of the team and strived to free herself from Cargilfield’s very speedy Wing Attack. Abi C’s focus for this match was her footwork which improved significantly, although she still had the occasional slip up when her enthusiasm outweighed her balance. The final score was 4-2 to Cargilfied, with Connie and Fenella both managing to score a goal. Girls of the match were Ottie B and Connie T, for their endeavours to implement successfully the skills and tactics which had been focused on in coaching sessions. (Miss Whitelaw)

This match was followed in quick succession by our B team playing Cargilfield. They surprised themselves with their ability to keep up with Cargilfield’s pace. Marking well, the girls put excellent pressure on the Cargilfield players and Maria showed immense improvement in her marking of both players and space. Lise B had her first ever netball match and certainly displayed the feistiness and determination needed to succeed, playing Wing Defence and working well with Kristina D and Tally M to keep the ball out of the circle. The F-P duo communicated well, and although slightly tentative about “going for goals” at the beginning of the match, demonstrated impressive technique and accuracy when they shot, scoring a total of 8 goals between them. As captain, Flo A worked well to support and motivate the rest of the team and made some strong, accurate passes straight to Isla in the circle. The match was close throughout, with the score sitting at 6-6 in the last 3 minutes. Unfortunately, Cargilfield score twice within the last two minutes, much to the disappointment of the girls. The final score was 8-6 to Cargilfield.(Miss Whitelaw)