Scottish Prep Schools Skiing Championships

Having had the first of the ski race days postponed everyone was excited about finally getting out onto the slopes and representing the school.
The weather was not the best with low cloud making it very flat light, but no wind and snow meant that we had a full length course GS Styled course.
With the strength and depth of skier we have in the school we put out 3 teams to compete.
Sadly we only had one girl Brooke B, but I know we have some younger girls waiting in the wings.
We arrived and quickly got ourselves sorted. We then headed up the slopes for a quick warm up run before inspecting the race course and preparing for the race.
Due to the weather the race did run a bit slower but the organisation managed to get 2 good runs in for all competitors.
We must thank the extremely kind parents who not only came and supported but volunteered to be gate judges on behalf of the school.
It is a cold and sometime boring job to do but vital for the race. A huge thank you to Mrs Pagett, (who did both runs), Mr Garrett Cox and Mr Kipps who shared the job.
Every one skied well and almost all got down without incident (quite an achievement with the flat light and bumpy course).

When it came to the prize giving not many of the schools knew there times, suspense hung in the air. First to be announced was the U11 Girls completion where we had one competitor, She won the Silver medal. So we were off to a good start. Sadly the boys didn’t quite get any medals. Finally to the teams medals, there was a hope. They announced Bronze, not us, Silver the favourites Craigclowan. Murmurs of who had beaten them passed around the table, Finally announced Winner of the gold and the cup is……….”ArdvrecK”. A slight delay as we realised that was us! Then four very happy boys Cosmo GC, Finn S, James H and Kerr B all went up and received their medals and the cup.

Congratulations goes to all our other racers
Seb S, Ewan FL, Harris P and Brooke B team B
Lewis K, Elliot M, Sandy N and Freddy F Team C.

All results will hopefully be out Friday afternoon.

A great day and a huge thank you to Mr Robertson who did all the organisation and mountains of paper work to make the day happen and then had to stay and teach. (Mrs Erdal)