Boys Hockey- 1X Strathallan Tournament 14/03/18

It was a busy day but I was so proud of the boys.  On the way there I said that I did not care what the results where as long as their played the best hockey they could, and I can hand on heart say that every member of the team did this.

The started the day blasting out of the start gates in their match against Strathallan A team. They took the game out to the sides and used the space and angles to great success, dominating the game. In fact we had another 4 or 5 attempts on goals that where so nearly in, but just missed.

The next game was tough but the boys kept their cool and again took the game out creating great passes and drive. Finn S finally got in a great goal by creating a dummy  and catching the other team on the back foot.

Last match of the pool game was up against one of the main contenders of the day. We started to get a little messy and slipping back into some bad habits as the pressure mounted.

Finally the whistle went and when the scores where all added up,we were out by one goal and pushed down into 3rd in our Pool. Disappointing,especially from the first match when we could have picked up some of those goals.

Quick break for lunch and refuel, they we were off again for place matches. We were competing for the 5th to 8th places.

1st match up was against Strathallan B team, no walk over as they proved by beating their A team, in the next match. The boys had regrouped and played a great game with some fantastic goals. Their mojo was back.

Final match  against Belhaven, this proved to be a fantastic match with the ball being passing back and forth, nail biting stuff and finishing on a 2-2 draw. In we go to the 5 minute golden draw, first goal wins.

We had a short corner early on, but could not score then they had a short corner, no score. Then with a blink of an eye a last cavalry charge and our fearless captain Will F drives the ball an in it goes.

It was such a tense match and the play was of such a high standard. The whole team did an incredible job and what afitting way for them to end the season. Special mention must go to our 6th from boys Cosmo G-C, Will F, Seb S, Harris P, Jago M and birthday boy Finn S, they all played so well and set the standard. But matched by this was the standard of play of our four 5th formers, which means that we have a good team building up for next year.

Many thanks Go to Mr Banks for supporting and embracing game of Hockey for the first time, which by the last match he was doing a great job of coaching from the sides, even beating me to the lines!

A great day of Hockey and a fitting finish to a season for a great team.

Match 1 vs Stathallan A   Won       1-0 Man of the match Cosmo G-C

Match 2 vs Cargifeild      Draw       1-1 Man of the match     Finn S

Match 3 vs Fettes           lost          4-1 Man of the match  Charlie L

Unluckly we miss the 2nd place in our pool by one point goal difference.

Place matches

Match 1 vs Strathallan B  Won       3-0 Man of the match  Harris P

Final match for 5th /6th position    Vs Belhaven

Draw 2-2 into 5 minutes golden shot time WON, Man of the match Will F (Mrs Erdal)