Boys Hockey- Colts vs Loretto 07/03/18

Colts A
Scintillating hockey was being played by Colts A and we were calving our way through the Scottish IAPS Champions phase after phase. We were soon one up and the tempo was rapid from one goal box to the other and back again. Loreto equalised a few minutes from half-time and painfully again right at the end as the whistle blew for half-time. The second-half was played at an even higher tempo (if that was even possible) and attacks on goal were pretty even but for one significant factor: Our shots on goal were being saved or going wide. Deservedly Loreto ended up comfortable winners with the score 5:1 to them. Loreto A coach asked us if we would help them after the match with short-corner practice before they travelled down the British IAPS Hockey Champs. He was also full of praise for the Colts A team saying he could not believe how much we had improved since they played us last and if we continue improving at this rate we would be one of the best teams in the country. We lost the match but we won their respect. I’ll take that! A special mention for Lawrie B who played a brilliant game. Well done Colts A. (Mr Van Blerk)

Colts B
The colts B team played a tough match against Loretto. After a long journey in the bus the boys were very excited to play the match.

In beginning of the first half it was very messy as they weren’t stringing the passes to one another but as the game went on they got stuck in and started improving. The defense managed to get the ball down the line of the pitch to the attackers where we managed to score the first goal but the other team was just as determined as we were and managed to get 3 goals in. By half time we were down 3-1 but the boys were determined to catch up.
In the second half the boys managed to pass to one another very nicely which meant they played a lot in the attacking half of the pitch but they struggled to get the ball into the back of the net. Loretto managed to get lucky and sneak 3 goals because we got a bit tired. Half way through the second half we were down 6-1 but the boys came back and scored two goals with 3 minutes left on the clock.

The boys were a bit disappointed with the score because they knew we could have come out with a win. We ended the day off with a lovely match tea and a long journey back. (Miss Van Blerk)