French Day

Bravo! What a day! The French Day brought many colours and lots of stripes to Ardvreck. The children had fun mixing various subjects with French as staff and children alike embraced the language and culture of France. There was bread making, singing of La Marseillaise and other French songs including a few beautifully sung by Little Ardvreck to set the day off. The Eiffel Tower was built from both straws and lollipop sticks. Amphitheatres were created out of shoe boxes in Latin. There was fun with numbers and fun with words focussing on “Les borrowings” between French and English. We started the day with Pain au Chocolat and continued the theme throughout the day enjoying French food prepared brilliantly by our chefs.
It was a great vibrant day at Ardvreck enjoyed by all and thanks must go to all staff and children for making it such a excellent prep school day! (Mr Knock)