Netball- WOSPS 07/03/18


On Wednesday 4 Ardvreck girls jumped on the bus and headed to Craigclowan for the WOSPS practice before the real match commenced at Fettes School in the afternoon! The girls chucked on their bibs and started to play a game against each other while the final teams were being sorted. It was fantastic news that two Ardvreck girls managed to get into the A squad; Abi C and Daisy H and equally as fantastic Ottie B and Isla F-P made it into the B squad which Ottie B captained. Eventually we jumped back onto the bus and headed for Fettes for a 2 o’clock start against the Dandylions.

I was lucky enough to coach the A squad along side the Craigclowan coach. When we arrived we got the girls warmed up once more ready to start. The girls lost the toss and so the Dandy’s had the first centre. The girls started off slowly and not Playing their own game, trying to play to the speed of the Dandylions which simply was not working for them. With some sloppy passes and butterfinger moments we ended up being 8-2 down after the first quarter. Daisy H came on in the second quarter and after some encouraging and tactical words from myself and Fiona to the team the girls got back on and played as if they were a whole new team. Playing their own game, creating the space and accurate passes the girls were on form allowing the Dandy’s to only score two goals and the WOSPS scoring 3. At half time the score was 10-5 to the Dandylions. The girls continued this positive play throughout the rest of the game and played some very impressive Netball. They were holding their spaces and marking very tightly trying to draw the Dandy girls out of the game. After an exceptional match and a tough fight the WOSP girls unfortunately lost 17-15. Well done to Abi C and Daisy for their exceptional efforts over the course of the day. (Miss Beamish)


Yesterday our WOSPS girls (Abi C, Ottie B, Daisy H and Isla FP) jumped on the bus at 10.45am and headed to Craigclowan for our pre-match practice with the rest of the WOSPS. Joined by girls from Craigclowan and Kilgraston, we organised positions for both teams and did some drills to help centre passes and our work around the circle.

I spent time primarily with the B team, in which Ottie was playing Wing Attack/Centre and Isla Goal Shooter. After getting used to the new teams, the girls travelled to Fettes to face the Dandylions. Having completed some dynamic stretches and warm up drills beforehand, the match began. The Dandylions were a strong team, consisting of girls from Fettes, Cargilfield, Loretto and Belhaven. We played four 10 minute quarters; each quarter was played at great pace with strong and accurate passes from both teams. The WOSPs defence worked very well together and prevented numerous goals. The Wing Attack, Centre and Goal Attack spaced positioned themselves nicely, timing their movements well to run onto every pass. Despite frequently getting the ball into the circle to shoot, the Dandylions’ defence were strong, marking both the players and the ball very well, meaning that many of our attempts at shooting were lost.

The final score was 16-4 to the Dandylions. All four of the Ardvreck girls selected should be extremely proud to have been selected and to have had the opportunity to participate at this high level. Well done girls. (Miss Whitelaw)