Merchiston Swimming Gala

Ardvreck Swim Team returned to Merchiston as defending champions of the U12 swimming gala. This time we would have to compete without our accomplished club swimmers because they were no longer eligible. So our new-look team with swimmers as young as 9 years old proudly travelled to Edinburg to represent Ardvreck. Other school staff poolside remarked about our team’s enthusiasm, manners and how well they presented ourselves pool-side in their Ardvreck poolside tees and race caps.
We had a tough time of things in the first round of individual races but never the less did manage a first and a second place in the heats. The schools were then split into a cup and plate competition and we went into the plate competition. Now for the relay races; we did incredibly well in the freestyle relay and finished second. This little group of Ardvreckians were showing themselves to be ‘Ard’ core! To our absolute amazement we won the medley relay and finished second again in the final cannonball relay. I couldn’t have been prouder of these swimmers, they gave it their all and I congratulated them all on coming second. I clearly had not done the Maths correctly because shortly after that we were announced as Plate winners. Silverware two years in a row for Ardvreck. A fantastic effort by our new swim team: Flo A, Connie T, Curtis M, Ellis A, Jamie S and Joel vB. (Mr van Blerk)