Rounders- U9 & U11 v Fettes 9/5/18

The U11 Rounders team travelled to Fettes. With the weather not looking great, the girls did a quick warm-up, lost the toss and Fettes chose for us to start batting. The girls tried hard and manage to get a few 1/2 rounders, but we were coming to the end of the innings so I said to the girls they just need to go for it. When Olivia d hit the ball she ran as fast as she could and managed to score a rounder. With that it was the end of the innings and it was our time to field. We had a bit of a sloppy start with a few miss catches and not so good throws, but the girls started working better together towards the end of the innings. At half time we had a team talk and said that we needed to run faster and get our eye in a little more. The girls took my advice on and performed well. They scored more rounders in the 2nd innings. It was our turn to field again, with a few swaps in positions the girls worked better and were more communicative. Unfortunately the girls didn’t win but there was a definite improvement from our last match. I look forward to seeing the girls perform in the upcoming matches. (Miss MacLeod)

After a quick stroll down to the pitch, captain Addison O won the toss and wisely chose to field first. With great communication between bowler Amelia P and backstop Sinead M, the strategies and tactics we had worked on during coaching sessions paid off. Due to the soggy and rather slippery pitch, we decided to rule out the possibility of stumping anyone out at first; therefore the pressure was on Rosie A as she fiercely manned second post. With Fettes scoring 2.5 rounders in the first inning, the girls knew what they had to beat. As they took their turns batting, some half rounders were scored on account of no-balls and some by the girls hitting the ball and reaching second post. A great rounder was scored by captain Addison O, making the final score 5.5 rounders to Ardvreck and 2.5 to Fettes.

This was closely followed by another match involving some of the same players, but also including all of our Form 1 girls and Arabella H. Undeterred by what was nothing short of torrential rain, the girls remained focused and fielded well, with both Isabella C and Rosie A trying out their hand as bowlers. Despite some confusion regarding when to throw the ball to the bowler or to a post, the girls still only allowed Fettes to score 2 rounders. After a speedy rounder from Rosie A and a last minute half rounder from Arabella H, the final score was 5 rounders to Ardvreck and 2 to Fettes. In spite of adverse conditions, the girls played with true Ardvreckian spirit and thankfully it paid off.

Thank you to all parents who braved the weather to come and support! (Miss Whitelaw)