Belhaven Mixed Doubles Tournament

On Sunday20th May Belhaven held their annual Mixed doubles tournament. We took 4 couples of whom were: Cosmo and India, Will and Abi, Robbie and Maria, Seb and Sacha.

After a full on Saturday we departed Ardvreck and headed for Belhaven, it was a quiet bus journey where they all got the chance to catch up on some well earned sleep (from the Ard’ Challenge). When we arrived we were given our programme and the running order. The tournament was first split into four sections which each consisted of 4 couples. They played every couple in their section, playing 5 games. All couples did very well with Robbie and Maria winning 2 out of 3 and both Will and Abi, Cosmo and India winning 1 out of the 3 but everyone playing some very lovely tennis. After the round robin stages it was then into either the plate competition or the main competition, and this was then knock out stages. Robbie and Maria managed to get into the main competition which as very impressive and the other 3 couples were in the plate competition, they were not playing best of 7 games. ¬†Unfortunately Robbie and Maria, Seb and Sacha were beaten in the quarter finals of their competitions, however Will and Abi, Cosmo and India won their quarter finals putting them through to the semi finals. It was a tight semi final for both couples and sadly Will and Abi lost 3 games to 2 but Cosmo and India won their semi final putting them into the final of the plate competition. Before they played their final there was a 15 minute break for some delicious match tea in which there was Strawberries and Cream for all to enjoy. After refuelling Cosmo and India were ready to go and win the final, and that is exactly what they did, a big congratulations to Cosmo and India and also a big well done to the other 3 couples. It was a really enjoyable day had by all. Well done troops!! (Miss Beamish)