Rounders – U11 v St Mary’s Melrose

It was a very sunny and hot day for running around on the Rounders pitches. The St Mary’s team arrived and they where definitely one of the tallest teams the U11 have ever played. 

We won the toss and decided to bat first. We were meet with a very well schooled and fast fielding team, which made it difficult for us to rack up much of a score. If there was time we could of pushed harder and been more competitive in our choices, but the girls tried their best.

Next the St Marys team went in to bat and had some very hard hitters, and with their long legs some very quick runners. Our team did managed to get several of their team out, but with a lack of consistency with our fielding it gave them room to stack up the rounders. 

The second innings went much the same as the first. The team did have moments when it all came together and we saw the true potential of the team, we just need to work on delivery this all the time. Olivia de M did a great job of bowling. Brooke was very efficient at back stop and Rosie Lockett was one of out hardest working players playing  2nd deep . She was kept very busy but gave it her all running after every ball and showed she has a great throw on her. (Mrs Erdal)