French is taught throughout the school starting with simple words, songs and games in Little Ardvreck to working for Common Entrance and Scholarship papers in 6th Form. We employ traditional methods of teaching alongside songs, games and activities to bring the language to life and help us achieve our aims.

Our aims are:-

  • To enable pupils to reach a competent level of proficiency in all skill areas as well as to encourage them to communicate with confidence using a sound knowledge of basic grammar and cultivate linguistic awareness.
  • To enable our pupils to fulfil their potential and provide them with a sound foundation for the successful pursuit of modern language learning at their senior school.
  • To develop an interest in the French way of life and foreign culture in general, and equip pupils to enjoy travel and leisure opportunities abroad.

We have various events throughout the year to help our pupils use the language creatively:

  • The French breakfast for the Pre Prep and Form 1 children so they can use their language in a fun and engaging ‘real’ environment.
  • Total immersion for a week at Chateau de la Baudonniere in Normandy for the 5th Form preparing them for Common Entrance the following year. They use their language alongside native speakers giving them exposure to native accents as well as giving them an exciting experience of France’s culture.
  • The visit of a French ‘animateur’ from Chateau de la Baudonniere for a month during each year brings the language and culture to life throughout the school.

Our children leave Ardvreck enjoying French, with a good understanding of the language and culture and ready to learn more languages at their Senior School.