“Salvete omnes!” – Welcome to the Classics Department!

When you enter the Latin classroom here at Ardvreck you will be transported in time to ancient Rome almost 2000 years ago…We learn about how Romans lived and we learn the language they spoke.

Latin is a relevant and vibrant subject, taught to pupils from Form 4 upwards to Common Entrance and Scholarship level.  We use online interactive activities to complement our learning, including an excellent and highly effective e-learning resource. In addition, visits to ancient sites, museums and the theatre bring the subject to life.  Grammar acquisition, vocabulary learning, translation and comprehension are key but equally we might perform a short play in Latin, research Greek myths, write a diary of the life of a roman slave, or design a cartoon strip about the adventures of Odysseus!

There are enormous benefits to learning Latin  – it improves your understanding of English and gives you an impressive vocabulary, whilst providing an excellent base for the study of Spanish, French or Italian. Learning Latin is like using a ‘brain gym’. It stimulates mental discipline and encourages accuracy and attention to detail. It also improves your general knowledge and cultural awareness.   Finally, it introduces you to some of the best literature ever, which was, of course, written in Latin!