Pupils at Ardvreck are given a secure and positive atmosphere in which to learn.

Learning Support is central to everything we do at Ardvreck and it is the responsibility of every member of staff. The children’s wellbeing is at the heart of our decision-making to ensure the children feel Safe; are Healthy; Achieving; feel Nurtured; are Active; Respected; Responsible and feel Included. This structure includes an effective Continuum of Support to meet the needs of all learners through the careful planning and monitoring of every child’s learning and wellbeing.

Our Teachers:
• Accept responsibility for the education of every child they teach, regardless of that child’s apparent ability.
• Develop a range of flexible teaching methods to deal with a wide range of abilities within the class.
• Differentiate curriculum materials so that work is accessible and suits the range of abilities within the class.
• Liaise with Learning Support and other teachers to ensure a consistent approach is used across the school.

Our Learning Support Staff:
• Support learning and wellbeing across the whole school.
• Support the delivery of differentiated learning for all pupils requiring this and those experiencing difficulties.
• Work collaboratively with teachers and external agencies to meet the needs of all pupils.
• Work in partnership with parents so that they are fully informed and involved in the learning experienced by the children.

Getting it Right for Every Child is very important to us at Ardvreck. We assess our pupils Wellbeing termly using the Wellbeing Web and have a follow-up protocol should any of the SHANARRI Wellbeing Indicators ‘flag up’.

Our pupils complete Reading and Spelling Standardised Tests twice a year to ensure all pupils requiring targeted support are being supported.

At Ardvreck we administer the CAT4 – a cognitive abilities test – to all new pupils and Form 3 and Form 6 pupils to support educational development and academic attainment. We use the CAT4 to help the pupils and their teachers to plan strategically and set targets that provide the appropriately level of challenge.

To support every child optimally and ensure we do all we can to enable them to achieve their full potential we can provide a full Educational Psychologist assessment. We use the BAS3 (British Ability Scales 3). This is obviously only of relevance to a small number of children but it means we are better equipped to support every child in Ardvreck. The BAS3 provides an overview of the child’s cognitive strengths and highlights areas with which children may need support. The BAS3 results help us to build up a picture of your child, which allows us to understand any difficulties they might be experiencing. We can then decide how best to deal with those difficulties.

We teach our pupils how to develop a Growth Mindset and be more Resilient. This is also tracked across the school so we provide targeted support to specific pupils as required. We believe in the power of passion and perseverance and encourage our pupils to dream big and develop their GRIT. We support all our senior pupils to set their own personal targets and coach and mentor each child to achieve these goals.