Up to the age of nine, Maths at Ardvreck is taught by class teachers. From aged ten children are taught by specialist teachers in groups set by mathematical ability.

Standards of achievement are high. In addition to preparing children for Common Entrance and Scholarship exams, every year pupils in Fifth and Sixth Form (the top two year groups) take part in national competitions organised by the Scottish Maths Council and the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust. We engage in practical activities and work outside the classroom whenever the opportunity arises.

The children in the top two years were recently asked to describe their maths experience at Ardvreck. Their comments (listed below) provide a really good insight into maths at Ardvreck.


•  I like maths at Ardvreck because it is interesting, challenging and very enjoyable.

•  Maths is fun mixed with challenges, which makes for very good lessons.

•  The teachers are good and help you a lot. They are firm but that teaches us to get on with our work and to do our best to achieve all that we can.

•  We talk in class and work together solving problems but we also solve problems individually so everyone understands what to do.

•  Maths at Ardvreck is a subject that I look forward to everyday. I have been at Ardvreck for four and a half years and Maths has influenced me most.