Religious Studies is a subject taught to all children at Ardvreck.  The very youngest children in Little Ardvreck focus on festivals and the Christian celebrations of Christmas and Easter.  As the children move up the school they learn more about Christianity and Form 2 focus on ‘Super heroes of the Old Testament.’ As the children move further up the school they continue with their study of Christianity but this is augmented with an introduction to Judaism and Islam.  The fifth and sixth form focus on their preparation for Common Entrance.  This involves in depth study of set Biblical texts, continuing work on Islam and investigations into contemporary issues.

Not all RS teaching is classroom based, as the children are regularly taken to visit places of worship. Boarders attend church regularly, usually a service geared towards younger people and on other Sundays we have a form of evening worship in school. A very important part of life at Ardvreck is morning assembly.  This is usually, but not exclusively, religious in character with hymn singing, which most of the children really enjoy. The ethos of the school is very much that of a caring family and hopefully our religious studies go part of the way to encouraging this.