Montessori nursery mornings are unique to the Perthshire area and we are delighted that our Little Ardvreck children are able to benefit from this distinctive form of early learning teaching.

Our Montessori nursery class is fully equipped with the specialised Montessori activities which allow individual children to explore and learn at their own pace and in their own direction. Montessori multi-sensory materials allow the children to develop early skills in preparation for writing, reading and number work.  Our idea has been to create an environment where children can become actively involved with their learning; a place where they can become inspired, lose their inhibitions, let go, feel safe and happy and feel free to open their minds.  All this whilst building a strong foundation and knowledge in all areas of the curriculum.

The children will learn through hands-on, creative activities from nature walks, campfires, pottery, gardening and storytelling to name but a few.  The children will be busily involved in observation and discovery of the natural world, identifying anything from leaf shapes to the stages of a tadpole’s metamorphosis.

Montessori nursery mornings are held on from 8.30am to 12 noon, five days a week. All Montessori children are welcome to stay for lunch, and have an option to stay until 6pm.

Ardvreck is enormously proud to incorporate Montessori teaching into Little Ardvreck as it is aware of how this distinctive approach nurtures the whole child.