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OA News

Greeks v. Trojans – 2017

The poor Trojans suffered grievously at the hands of the Greeks in distant days of ancient mythology. The Greeks kept bringing gifts but could never be trusted. As Ardvreck pupils old and young will recall the very fine wooden horse left outside their walls contained a deadly virus. The nice trusting Trojans brought the horse within their walls and in the night a gang of ruthless Greeks inside the horse emerged and sacked Troy.
This year the Greeks kindly allowed the Chairman of Governors to shoot for them. This the Chairman did to materially good effect. The Trojan plight was even further exacerbated by their agreeing that a modern Olympic discipline, International Skeet, form part of the challenge. Willie Scott, a Greek, and as such in hereditary succession of the original Olympians, made short work of this test. Willie returned an 80% successful kill rate at the Skeet stand As they always say “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”.
This little histoire is the complicated way of reporting that the Greeks yet again won the annual match between the older O As who gather each year at Gleneagles to see who can shoot the most clay pigeons.
As well as the team match, the individuals compete. Sharing Bronze position were John Gibb and James Provan, but well ahead was Michael Riddell-Webster with Silver and, with a near perfect score, Willie Scott won Gold.
We hope to convene again next August but, with age creeping on, we need some younger Guns, especially Trojans.
Colin Maitland-Dougall August 2017

Left to Right (standing) G W S Presslie, E P MacKay, D K Campbell, D A G Reid, W Berry, W T Scott, J P O Gibb, A D Campbell, A E G Mickel, Maj. General M L Riddell-Webster, J L C Provan
Left to Right ( seated) C Maitland-Dougall, D N H James