Most, if not all Junior boys aspire to be in ‘Mac’. It is seen by parents and boys alike as the pinnacle of being at Ardvreck for the boys.

Independent working areas and greater personal freedoms, along with higher expectations and increased responsibilities serve to prepare the boys well for senior school. The boys grasp these extras with enthusiasm and a positive spirit.

Activities in the evenings and at weekends can include: Saturday film nights, cricket nets, tennis, walks up The Knock (the local hill) for ‘Hares and Hounds’, squash, pool, board games, music and, when it snows, sledging and ‘arctic rugby’, or if preferred, quiet times reading and listening to music through headphones.

Mac House is run by a Housemaster and an Assistant Housemistress who both live on site.  The house staff not only have a pastoral duty of care but, along with visiting house tutors, also oversee the children’s academic progress through supervised evening preps as they approach the rigours and demands of the scholarship and Common Entrance examinations.

The success of the House is measured by the fact that the boys are ready to move on by the end of their two years in Mac. We’re sad to see them go, but equally proud to watch them take the next step onwards in life. Many senior school housemasters welcome Ardvreck boys with relief, knowing they can be relied upon to “just get on with it” when approaching life in a busy senior boarding school.