Step Up Boarding

As well as full boarding, Ardvreck now offers step up boarding. During the week, children are able to stay for three nights and this carefully structured introduction allows each child to gradually absorb the boarding experience. Step up boarding is particularly helpful for families who are considering a boarding education at a senior independent school and we have found that a gradual transition to full boarding enables helps the individual to ‘hit the ground running’ when they move onto their next destination.

Essentially, a step up boarding experience has the following strengths:

• A steady introduction to boarding allows each child to adjust being away from home and their families.
• This approach allows children to grow in confidence and enables each child to become more independent and confident.
• The safe, supportive and encouraging boarding environment enables children to think for themselves and helps them to develop important friendships.
• The range of boarding activities ensures that ‘children can be children’.
• Most importantly, boarding is invariably about having fun. The aim of the ‘boarding family’ is to provide a fun but stimulating ‘home from home’.