All the girls at Ardvreck play netball. Participation and enjoyment are the most important elements to our game along with a healthy competitive edge. Alongside learning skills and games plans the girls also learn the art of good sportsmanship. They learn not to allow success to go to their heads and also how to accept defeat gracefully.

The girls train hard to achieve a high standard in the sport and the Ardvreck teams are held in high regard within the Prep school circuit. We participate in a full programme of inter-school matches at Under 13, Under 12, Under 11 and Under 9 age groups.

Ardvreck hosts an annual Under 13 and Under 11 schools tournament and we also take part in the WOSPS (West of Scotland Prep Schools) netball team’s yearly match with the Dandylions (East of Scotland Prep Schools). Most girls have the chance to represent the school in this sport during their time at Ardvreck.