It is a real pleasure to have Ardvreckians in our midst at Merchiston. More often than not, they are talented young men within and out with the classroom. They make the most of their talents and they are keen to discover and develop new talents. They are always whole-hearted and willing to give everything a real ‘go’. In our experience, Ardvreckians prove to be grounded individuals who are ‘good’ people. Ultimately, this really matters!
Mr Andrew Hunter, Headmaster, Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh
A steady stream of Ardvreckians progress to Sedbergh and we are delighted that continues to be the case. Without exception, the boys and girls who have progressed to Sedbergh have thrown themselves into school life, work hard and have found other pupils with similar interests and ambitions. The uncomplicated nature of the Ardvreckian character complements the busy Sedbergh lifestyle. Your pupils are the first to volunteer and the last to moan, they are disciplined, industrious and have strong academic foundations which ensure that they make good progress in class. They are a great credit to you all at Ardvreck.
Mr Andrew Fleck, Headmaster, Sedbergh School, Cumbria
Millie arrived at St Mary’s as a thoughtful, intellectually curious and hard working girl, qualities which she developed during her years at Ardvreck. She clearly loved her prep school and the friends she made there. She has settled at St Mary’s beautifully, and really ‘gets’ the full boarding culture. I fully support the strong policy of Ardvreck to keep girls with them to 13 and to develop their leadership skills. Please send us some more!
Mrs Mary Breen, Headmistress, St Mary’s Ascot
Ardvreck boys have always fitted in to Radley seamlessly: it’s clear that they have been encouraged to get thoroughly involved in all aspects of school life, keeping busy, active and, above all, enthusiastic. It is no coincidence, therefore, that Ardvreck boys have often won one of our ‘All Rounder Scholarships’: they have learnt to aim high and make the very best of their talents whether they be academic, sporting or cultural. Vitally, Ardvreck boys arrive at Radley already sure in the knowledge that boarding school is fun, giving them the confidence to make and keep friends easily. I know I speak for all our Social Tutors when I say that we are delighted to have Ardvreck boys join us.
Mr John Moule, Warden Radley College
We are always delighted to welcome Ardvreck pupils to Fettes. Without exception they are delightful young people who have benefitted from a superb all round education. They are bright, sparky, positive boys and girls who have a strong desire to embrace opportunities and make the best of themselves, while also being concerned to help those around them to do the same. The teaching that they have received at Ardvreck ensures that they do themselves full credit in their exams while the strong moral values that they have absorbed makes them admirable members of our community.
Mr Geoffrey Stanford, Headmaster, Fettes College
The Ardvreckians we have had at Harrow during my time here have been brilliant. Decent, determined, well-rounded, considerate, polite and with bags of character and charm. This simply could not happen by accident and the fundamentals instilled at Ardvreck on a day to day basis are the key. As a result the boys who come to Harrow are ready to take up the challenges of life here with both hands and cheerfully do so.
Dr Eric Sie, Registrar, Harrow School
Over the years Ardvreck has produced a steady stream of magnificent young men and women who have been bright, down to earth and have arrived here with a fresh, can-do approach to life. They have taken advantage of the full range of opportunities that have been offered to them. Ardvreck has produced more than its fair share of scholars of all types and many have gone on to hold positions of responsibility here including Heads of School. We value our strong link greatly.
Mr Gary Philipps, Registrar, Oundle School
Strathallan continues to enjoy its excellent relationship with Ardvreck and we delighted with the aspirational Ardvreck pupils that we receive. Their manners are of the highest order and they contribute so much to the life of our school. Ardvreck pupils are intellectually curious and make the most of their talents.
Dr David Giles, Registrar, Strathallan Schooll
Glenalmond’s inspiring rural location, full boarding ethos and emphasis on the all-round education of young people is very much in sympathy with excellent preparatory education provided at Ardvreck. For these reasons it is not surprising that Ardvreck pupils invariably thrive in this environment. This can be measured in terms of the high proportion of Ardvreck pupils amongst our award holders and amongst those pupils holding significant positions of responsibility.
Mr Mike Jeffers, Registrar, Glenalmond College
The pupils we have had from Ardvreck have all been charming young people, well grounded in boarding and a true all round education; so it makes Uppingham a natural destination. Please keep sending them!
Dr Richard Maloney, Headmaster, Uppingham
Ampleforth has been delighted to welcome girls and boys from Ardvreck for many years. Our pastoral care, based upon our Benedictine values, has helped them all to grow in confidence and use their talents to the full. Academic success and a broad education go hand in hand in our beautiful valley. Ardvreck pupils who have visited on tour will know our pipe band well. It is just one of many activities Ardvreck pupils have joined.
Mr Frank Thompson, Director of Admissions, Ampleforth College