‘The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life’. Plato

This insight articulates our responsibilities to each of our pupils. The lessons taught in school provide the compass for life’s journey. We see this as an academic journey enriched by intellect, thought and a lifelong love of learning.

Children are naturally curious, inquisitive and thoughtful. Our pupils ask questions about all aspects of their world. We nurture, encourage and develop this spirit of inquiry into all areas of their daily lives.

Whether they are boarders or day pupils, we encourage children to learn about themselves and the wider world – in the classroom, the great outdoors, the music room or theatre and through sharing a communal life. The heart of our education lies in academic rigour. The outdoors, the fresh air and a vitality of spirit, all prime our pupils for their exciting exploration in the classroom. ‘Inside and outside, it’s all academic.’

Our magnificent 42 acre estate, allows our pupils to be children. They climb trees, hike on the hill, paddle in the burn, kick balls and play games. They explore together, create adventures and become the heroes of their own Ardvreck stories.

Ardvreck is the best boarding and day prep school in Scotland. We enjoy a proud tradition of providing boys and girls from 3-13 with a balanced, challenging and all-round education. We accept pupils at any age in this range and make newcomers very welcome in our small community. We are a Prep School: we prepare children for life.

We invite you to come and find out about us and become part of the Ardvreck story.