Contacting the School

The best way to contact the school is through our Admissions Department. Clarinda Snowball is our dedicated admissions advisor, who will guide you through the admissions process and organise an initial visit to the School. Clarinda can be contacted on 01764 653112 or by email at [email protected].

Arrange a Visit

The easiest way to contact the school is through our Admissions Department. Clarinda Snowball is our dedicated admissions advisor, who will guide you and your children through the admissions process. Most prospective parents visit Ardvreck on an individual basis. Some bring their children with them, whilst others prefer to make a first visit on their own and return with their children at a later date. We welcome visits at any time during the year but we would always encourage you to come to the school during term time when the school is at its busiest. During a visit, you will have the opportunity to meet pupils and staff and the tour will be conducted by two senior pupils. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Boarding/Day Houses. As part of your dialogue with the Headmaster, the academic and co-curricular needs and aspirations of your child will be discussed.


If you then feel that Ardvreck could be the school for your child, we would encourage you to complete a Registration Form. Most pupils start at Ardvreck in the Autumn but many other pupils have also started at varying points during the academic year. The completed registration form (along with a small registration fee of £25) ‘registers an interest’ and does not hold you to an acceptance of a place at this stage. Our places fill up very quickly, with some year groups already very full. Registration ensures that you have a place for your child once you are confident of your choice and until a formal offer of a place has been made. We will keep you informed of news, updates and changes at the school prior to your child starting.

Arrange a Taster Experience

The next stage of the admissions process is for your child to come to the school for a ‘taster’ experience. This is spread over two days with a night in-between and gives your child a feel for academic lessons, games, extra-curricular activities and the boarding experience. Day pupils can choose to experience either a day taster or a boarding taster. Experience has taught us that these ‘taster’ sessions are invaluable for both the potential pupil and the school and both parties get a good chance to look at each other! Each child is gently assessed during the day, both in and out of the classroom, so that feedback can be given to the parents. Visiting children are dressed in Ardvreck uniform to feel fully included into the school. Within forty eight hours of your visit, you will receive a letter from the Headmaster which will inform you whether or not a place has been offered to your child.

Offering of a Place

As part of the admissions process, we will assess each child in both verbal and non-verbal spheres and all children are screened for additional support needs. At the time of application, parents are required to inform us of any additional support needs, medical condition or disability, which may require support, treatment or resourcing. Ardvreck offers a place to a child in the knowledge that it can educate the child to the best of its ability and is able to fully meet their individual learning needs. The Head of Learning Support ascertains whether the school can appropriately meet the needs of the learner. Meeting these criteria will mean that the Head can then formally offer a place.

Ardvreck School is committed to providing equal opportunities for all pupils irrespective of religion, race, socio-economic background or disability. At all times, we strive to ensure that our admissions policies and procedures do not discriminate on these grounds.

Acceptance of a Place

Completing the Acceptance Form means that you accept the school’s Terms and Conditions and School Rules, as detailed in the Parent/School contract. A deposit of £250 for pupils is payable at this time. The Deposit is refunded (less any outstanding extras) on the final invoice, when pupils have completed their time at Ardvreck.


In the interest of your child, it is imperative that you inform us of any factors – social, medical, emotional or academic – that might affect your child’s learning and other school activities before accepting an offer of a place. All information will be treated with confidence and will only be disclosed if that information has a direct bearing on safety of on the provision of an appropriate education. We welcome any information and discussion that will help us to provide for your child in the best way possible. By way of standard procedure, the school will request information on your child from their previous school and take such advice as it regards as appropriate. This request will be made at the beginning of the term preceding entry.


Ardvreck is a non-selective school. However, pupils are expected to be able to demonstrate a level of ability which will enable them to obtain a pass at Common Entrance at 13+. They are also expected to be able to follow instructions, to display a reasonable standard of behaviour and demonstrate an awareness of the needs of others. Admission to the school depends upon the prospective pupil meeting the criteria required to maintain the general standards for all its pupils in keeping with the school’s ethos.

Financial Assistance

In cases of financial need, it is possible to complete a means tested bursary form.. Any such award would be subject to annual review. Please see our Financial Support page for more information.

Refusal of Candidates

It is possible that a pupil may be refused a place if, after due consideration, the school believes that it is unable to provide an appropriate educational environment for the child or if it believes that it is unable to cater for the educational and/or emotional needs of the child.

Additional Support for Learning (ASL)

A pupil with existing or known ASL requirements will only be offered a place if we have the provision available within the ASL department, the classroom environment and in all other areas of school to provide the recommended level of support to meet their needs. Any additional cost for tuition is outlined in the parental contract.